Welcome to AGI's Amazingly Fun Race!

Coming soon - event details for the 2017 race.

AGI's Amazingly Fun Race is a team building event that brings together supporters who, through their social or work networks, generate much-needed funds for Alzheimer Groupe (AGI).
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On "race" day, teams compete in the ultimate contest: to claim the AGI Cup! Teams complete challenges along the way, collecting as many points as possible, while searching for and following clues throughout Montreal. But be warned! There may be some fun roadblocks along the way!

Once you've registered, your team can begin fundraising by asking colleages, family and friends to support your participation in AGI's Amazingly Fun Race!

Want to see more of the action? View photos from our 2016 event
2015 AGI Cup winners - Team Family Ties
2015 AGI Cup winners - Team Family Ties
What's new for this year's Amazingly Fun Race...
Win the AGI Cup! That's right, compete for the AGI Cup. The winning team will have its name engraved for all to see as they claim victory and bragging rights until next year's race!

It's all about the points. Your team may be first at the finish line, but have you earned enough points during the challenges to win? We're taking the competition up a notch and the finish is guaranteed to be a nail-biter.
Questions or need help? Contact Teri Cota at or by phone at 514-485-7233